Life’s better in a bikini. We don’t make the rules… And for those who are extra-cheeky, our thong bikinis are perfect for you.

Everyone knows the proof of a great holiday is when you return with a golden glow. Let’s face it, what better way to tan than in a thong bikini? By adding our logo as a metallic accessory on the band of our signature thong bikinis, you can relax knowing you're sunbathing in style in one of our thong bikinis.

If you're already a Lounge lover, you'll know that we prioritise your comfort above everything. Thongs are a staple in any underwear drawer, so a thong bikini is an essential to your swimwear collection. With soft, sustainable materials, you know you can rely on our thong swimwear this summer.

Browse the collection and get an ultra-cheeky glow this summer with thong swimwear from Lounge.

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